A whole new (boom) world!

Greetings user!

Oh, what's occurin'? 

Well, welcome to BoomHut! Boom Hotels newest fansites around. BoomHut is owned and managed by Darren1, who runs this joint. He comes from the United Kingdom. Here at Boomhut we try to provide a wide range of news and events. From our outstanding news archive to our amazing events hosted in-game. Something else we offer is out Exclusive offers, only available to the community of BoomHut.  

Jobs at BoomHut!

BoomHut only currently has a small staff team with many positions still available for you to fill! 

Whether you’re into events to graphics to our news team - there's a sport for you! Our team is made up of talented news reporters and a creative events team.

Having trouble deciding which team you’d like to be on? 

No problem! You are more than welcome to apply for as many positions as you’d like! 

To apply today head to the top of the page and click on 'Jobs at BoomHut!' and you will be directed to a jobs page with a wide list of jobs that you can apply for.

Whats Boom hotel?

Don't even know what Boom Hotel is?

Boom is a virtual world where you are represented by a pixel version of yourself. You can meet friends, play games, hang out or build your own rooms; a new easy way to access Boom Hotel is to click on the 'Boom Hotel' title and you will be directed to the hotel. Enjoy your stay!

Message from the General manager

Do you like the look of our new site?

Although it is a webs website; it isnt verry eye-catching but it does include all the information you could ever need to know about Boom Hotel and BoomHut.

We would really love to hear from you and read your comments about our site. Comment below with the following information.
Thank you for contacting us. We will read through your comment and if its a good enough comment we will put you into a draw and win a throne - Darren
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